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Every month, thousands of apps are released on the Google Play Store. The market is very competitive, and only the best ones thrive and gain a customer base. The ever-increasing numbers of clients in the app market attract hardworking developers like you, as well as hackers who are trying to steal your customers’ sensitive information. Any security breach in your app hampers user confidence in your product.

This blog will help you as a developer pinpoint how you can safeguard your app from a hacker’s malicious intentions.

The Importance of Security Testing

Cheap mobile data has skyrocketed the number of mobile internet users. More internet…

A World Outside of the Internet, BUT within the World Wide Web (WWW)

The world’s digital, right? But did you know what all you can discover through just stepping into this digital world? Well, in this post, we will discuss what makes this digital world of ours and how deep roots does it have.

I’ll be sharing concepts like what is Surface web (also known as Visible Web, Indexed web, and Clearnet), what is Deep web, what is Dark web (also known as the Hidden Internet), and what is Darknet (also known as Invisible internet or Invisible Web). It will also explain to you about the different world which exists outside the Internet…

Simple Blockchain Glossary for Beginners


In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some important blockchain terminology that will help you to kickstart your blockchain journey. This post is completely a blockchain glossary for beginners and would help you get a knack for this technology.

Alternatively, you can also watch this video,

1. Node

This is a term we use to refer to any member of the Blockchain network.

2. Address

It’s simply a string of alphanumeric characters that identify an entity in the blockchain network and is used to send and receive cryptocurrency transactions.

3. Distributed ledger

It's a ledger that is maintained on many nodes in a decentralized network…

2021 Edition to Kickstart Your Blockchain Journey!

Blockchain uses decentralization and cryptographic hashing to ensure that any digital asset history is unalterable and transparent. Blockchain is an up-and-coming and innovative technology because it helps minimize risk, stamps out fraud, and offers clarity for various uses in a scalable way. The transactions in blockchain technology are secured and encrypted, making sure no third party is given access to these records or modify them.

Many organizations have expressed their interest in adopting Blockchain Technology after understanding its impact in various departments of any industry. Companies are looking forward to hiring blockchain developers to implement and maintain the blockchain infrastructure…

Is Blockchain in Cybersecurity of any value?

First, What is Blockchain in a nutshell? Well, it's a Distributed Ledger Technology (or DLT), which primarily focuses on building confidence in an untrusting ecosystem. This adds a strong point towards making it a potentially useful technology for cybersecurity. The ledger system is decentralized, but the members of the particular Blockchain have access to information transparently.

What is CyberSecurity?

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, computers, and data from unauthorized access or illegal usage and the practice of ensuring that information is confidential, integral, and accessible.

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Impact of Blockchain in Cyber Security

Blockchain is one of the successful technologies that boost every vertical sector and industry. Cybersecurity counts…

You Need These to Land a Job in Blockchain [2021 Edition]

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Heard that bitcoin value doubled again? or new cryptocurrency IPO’s are taking over the stock market! Well, cryptocurrency is just the tip of the iceberg. Blockchain technology is a lot more than just cryptocurrency and can revolutionize almost everything which surrounds us. You may refer to what is blockchain technology and how does it work for a more detailed explanation on this.

Blockchain finds its application in a lot of verticals including (but not limited to) healthcare, defense, cybersecurity, supply chain, manufacturing, etc. And it's due to this scope of applications that the demand for equivalent blockchain developers has skyrocketed…

Learn Blockchain Types, the easy way!

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Blockchain has been around for a while now. And while there are many enthusiasts who try to make a career in the field, only a few make it to a full-time role. Why? Because while many might grab some fundamental knowledge and start their journey, they lack a recognizable and one of the top blockchain certification training which is accredited by industry professionals under their name. So, if you’re someone in a similar position, do explore the content. Coming back, broadly speaking, blockchain technology can be classified into 3 categories,

  1. Public Blockchain
  2. Private Blockchain
  3. Consortium / Hybrid Blockchain

Here’s a…

Supply with ‘BLOCKchain’

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For those of you who don’t know about blockchain. I’ll try to explain it in simple words, blockchain technology is a public, decentralized record of transactions. It can be implemented in different ways, but at its core, it’s a method by which every person involved holds a complete ledger of every transaction completed in the network. For more info, watch this video,

Why is Blockchain So Trendy Nowadays?

Even though it's almost 10 years old technology, blockchain has always been able to find itself in newsreels due to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an application of blockchain, and I’ll cover it some other time.

Moving on…

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s TRUE that it's the future…

If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last few years, you might have heard of this buzzword called BLOCKCHAIN. And while there’s a lot that surrounds this buzzword, let's break it down for simple understanding and understand what is blockchain in simple terms.

By concept, blockchain is based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) topology, & is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that allows data to be stored globally on thousands of servers.

Here’s a video explaining what is Blockchain and how it works,

And that too, while letting anyone on the network see everyone else’s entries…

It’s more than just Answers!

There are literally hundreds of platforms available today for marketers to promote their product or service, but which platform to choose is always a hard choice to make for marketers. Regardless of your domain, one of the best platforms you can’t ignore is QUORA. Most of you might disagree with that statement, but here let me try to convince you why should consider Quora seriously to grow your audience.

Before we discuss further, for the people who don’t know about Quora, it is a question and answer forum where users can ask and answer each other questions on all topics…

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