How is CPENT the Most Unique, Comprehensive, and Challenging Pentesting Certification?

A Complete CPENT Review & How it Can Boost Your Career

CPENT Training Course

CPENT Challenge Edition

Who is the CPENT Certification for?

cpent eccouncil
cpent eccouncil
CPENT career mapping

CPENT’s Course Outline

Following is the list of 14 domains covered in the CPENT course:

Why Pursue the CPENT certification?

What Makes CPENT Unique?

1. Advanced Windows Attacks

2. Attacking IoT Systems

3. Writing Exploits: Advanced Binaries Exploitation

4. Bypassing a Filtered Network

5. Pentesting Operational Technology (OT)

6. Access Hidden Networks with Pivoting

7. Double Pivoting

8. Privilege Escalation

9. Evading Defense Mechanisms

10. Attack Automation with Scripts

11. Weaponize Your Exploits

12. Write Professional Reports

CPENT Career Mapping

eccouncil cpent review
eccouncil cpent review

How To Appear for the CPENT Examination?


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