What is the Impact of Blockchain in CyberSecurity

First, What is Blockchain in a nutshell? Well, it's a Distributed Ledger Technology (or DLT), which primarily focuses on building confidence in an untrusting ecosystem. This adds a strong point towards making it a potentially useful technology for cybersecurity. The ledger system is decentralized, but the members of the particular Blockchain have access to information transparently.

What is CyberSecurity?

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, computers, and data from unauthorized access or illegal usage and the practice of ensuring that information is confidential, integral, and accessible.

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Impact of Blockchain in Cyber Security

Blockchain is one of the successful technologies that boost every vertical sector and industry. Cybersecurity counts are growing complicated and are actively trying to steal valuable information such as financial data, health records, intellectual property, personally identifiable information, etc.

Blockchain may theoretically improve cybersecurity through a consensus mechanism to deter fraudulent activities and detect data theft based on its features, such as auditable data encryption. And to understand it thoroughly, it's best if we simply just get familiar with the use cases of blockchain in cybersecurity.

Use Cases of Blockchain in Cyber Security

1)Decentralized Medium for Storage

It is crucial to create a safer environment for the personal information we exchange on a medium as we travel faster online

Since blockchain-based decentralized storage media may prevent theft and hacks of business data while using blockchain

2) DNS security

The DNS and hackers are often centralized and can sever the ties between a domain and IP address and make the website inaccessible. hackers in recent days try to combine DNS attacks with DDOS attacks to make websites unusable for a particular time

It can be challenging for hackers to use blockchain technology as the data or information is stored immutably on a decentralized distributed ledger. Immutable smart contracts are present to power connections.

Benefits of cyber protection blockchain

  1. Public key distribution and Multi-signature logins
  2. Quick verification of the authenticity of downloads and uploads of software

Is Blockchain SAFE?

The Blockchain is steadily increasing the list of records called blocks linked in securely using cryptography. Multiple participants on the network maintain a decentralized system that is responsible for ensuring data integrity. You can trust a bunch of strangers to take good care of the data as well as grab a contrast on the same with conventional institutions. By keeping these records on the block, you get the freedom to make them immutable.

Key Takeaway!

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